Mignon Whitaker
I work in watercolor & watercolor stained collage and flametorch enamel.  Take a look around.I would love to hear your feedback. 

Fox Island, Washington

& Old Towne Orange, California

Studio @ the Burrow
Old Towne Orange, California
I love my home-town.  My first job was here.  I was married here.  My children were born and raised here.  Old Town Orange is a pocket of the American Heartland smack in the middle of the Los Angeles/Orange County/Southern California scene!  
Born in Glendale, California just outside LA, my family moved to rural Orange County long before "OC Housewives" became the false narrative for what "the OC" was about.  I grew up in Yorba Linda, California - a semi-rural suburb on the outskirts of Anaheim.  I raised chickens, helped with neighbor's horses (we couldn't afford one) and read books....lots of books.  My father was an advertising manager/new product manager for a hardware company and my mother was a mother & volunteer.  Their faith and commitment have always been an inspiration to me.  My elderly father currently resides with us.
Marriage and three amazing children later, I find myself running a children's youth theater ministry at our church - KIDS Musical Theater , on the Board of Community Foundation of Orange and finally having the time to pursue my art on a more full-time basis.  All artists are constantly learning, but my work has been finding it's way into paying homes, so it is time for it to have a proper presence on the interwebs and here it is!

My secondary studio is at our vacation home on Fox Island, Washington on the Puget Sound.  I find so much inspiration there!
My BLOG is available now as well if you would like to join me on this journey.  I'll be happy to share some of the things I have learned along the way and my hopes for the future!  Keep arting!!
Mignon M. Whitaker


Studio @ Shell Cottage

Fox Island, Washington

My refuge from the crazy race that is So. California, our vacation/rental home on Fox Island in the Puget Sound.

A private art studio above our garage provides a huge space for arting!  Maybe some plans for artist retreats in our future!!