Mignon Whitaker
I work in watercolor & watercolor stained collage and flametorch enamel.  Take a look around.I would love to hear your feedback. 

Fox Island, Washington

& Old Towne Orange, California

  1. Plaza, Fountain, Orange, collage
    Plaza Park Fountain
    Watercolor Stained Collage of the City of Orange Plaza Park done for the Orange Library Foundation Gala 2015. SOLD $350
  2. CFO, Orange, Community, Flowers, bouquet, collage
    Beautiful Foundations
    This Watercolor Stained Collage was done specifically for the Community Foundation of Orange's annual Gala. February 2015. SOLD $640
  3. floral, flower, pink, watercolor
    Flower 1
    Watercolor single flower. 12x12 $100
  4. dance, London, Anne, Brian Bose, theater, oval house theater, UCSD, watercolor
    The Bacchae
    Watercolor from my photo of my daughter Anne Whitaker and fellow UCSD student Brian Bose performing in their British American Drama Academy performance of "The Bacchae" at the Oval House Theater in London, UK. NOT FOR SALE
  5. ballet, shoe, dance
    Broken is good.
    Ballet shoe. 8x8 watercolor and ink. $100
  6. flower, yellow, watercolor
    Sydney's Sunflower
    Watercolor sunflower. 4x6 Gift to one of my daughter's oldest and dearest friends for her to take to China on a nursing trip. NFS
  7. elephant, collage, ink, eye, wildlife
    Elephant's eyes are so full. 11x17 Watercolor Stained Collage & ink $350
  8. dog, watercolor, sheltie, pets
    My son's sheltie "Summer". Faithful friend, she passed from cancer in August, 2015. 6x6 Watercolor NFS
  9. florida
    Florida Memories
    Commission Watercolor Stained Collage. Inland Waterway. SOLD $350
  10. Rainy & Wet
    Rainy & Wet
    Originally done for practice, this watercolor umbrella piece actually found it's way into the home of friend for a donation to CFO. 5x8 watercolor SOLD $150
  11. Janine's Hollyhocks
    Janine's Hollyhocks
    Watercolor Hollyhocks done as a birthday present for my friend Janine. 2013 8x8
  12. watercolor, stained, collage, tall-masted, sailing, ship, angelique, maine, vacation
    My first stained watercolor collage done in class with Gerald Brommer. This is based off a photo of "The Angelique" - a tall-masted sailing ship in Maine, USA. 8x10 Watercolor Stained Collage 2013 NFS
  13. Communications Lab, Plaza, Fountain, Orange, California, Orange Circle, Historic
    Plaza Fountain
    Watercolor of the City of Orange Plaza Park fountain - a landmark in our fair town, surrounded by one of the few traffic circles in Southern California. This now resides in the offices of Communications Lab here in Orange. NFS
  14. rose, watercolor, flower
    Joseph's Coat
    My mother's favorite rose was the Joseph's Coat climbing rose. Watercolor 11x17 $150
  15. wave, watercolor, newport, rush, foam, ocean
    Foaming Rush
    Watercolor of rolling wave reminds me of being at the beach in So. California down by the "wedge". 11x17 watercolor $150
  16. Mountain High
    Mountain High
    Mountain top from imagination. This is actually a very small piece in a journal. 5x7 $100 Watercolor
  17. Waterlilies
    Watercolor collage on black gesso canvas. Measures 12x24x.5 $350
  18. journal, memories, shells, quote
    Scrapbook Page
    Journal page Watercolor & ink 2015 Done for a Journal Workshop with Judy Schroeder NFS
  19. Floral,flowers,orange,sold,watercolor,collage
    Title 19
    Dusky Bouquet" Watercolor stained Washi collage, watercolor and ink on 30x22 Watercolor Paper, framed. Copyright Mignon M Whitaker 2017. SOLD $700